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Deirdre White started her career as Digital Content Director with Clear Channel Media + Entertainment in August of 2012. Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, which was later renamed as iHeartMedia, gave White the many years of experience needed in the digital field to earn her credibility in the digital industry as well as the title “Deirdre the Web Girl”. White’s biggest accomplishment while holding that role was landing one of her Poughkeepsie radio stations’ websites, WRWDCOUNTRY.COM, in the #1 spot in all of iHeartMedia’s nationwide top website report for a week straight due to a viral blog share. White left iHeartMedia in June of 2017 to work with the team over at VIVO Creative as Digital Media Specialist. After three years with VIVO Creative, White parted ways in June of 2020 and is now working on growing Hudson Valley Web Girl as a well-respected digital resource and graphic design business for the Hudson Valley region. Interested in having Hudson Valley Web Girl work on a project for you? Email!
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